Valerie’s Boudoir Shoot & GMA Feature!!

For most people that know me I am not a morning person but today was a bit of a different story…I was up early in front of my TV with a cup of coffee waiting for ABC to officially air the segment I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed to see. I am so honored that JBP was chosen as one of the featured photographers for Good Morning America‘s story on the rising desire of Boudoir Photos amongst women. To me, this is not a trend but rather an awesome way to celebrate you and of course keeping things interesting for you & your partner 🙂 I’ve seen more and more desire for this type of photo shoot in the last year and have had so much fun being a part of them. For more information on this type of photo shoot please feel free to contact me.

Hair & Makeup Credit: Alexandra & the amazingly talented CoCoBelle team–abc-news.html



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