Everyone has the right to have their cell phone out these days, but looking at the photos below may make you think twice. There’s a time and a place for everything, but many “guest photographers” have over stepped their bounds during the couple’s ceremony, one of the most pivotal parts of the day.

These devices add to the loss of the real human experience. Not to mention the fact that they can severely interfere with the professional photographers pictures who have been hired by the newly married couple to document the days events.


Think of how upsetting it would be to the couple as they look for your smiles and tears of joy, but all they can see is your cell phone or tablet?


The JBP Team decided enough is enough! We are thoroughly encouraging all of our 2016 couples to have what is called an Unplugged Ceremony.

No cell phones, no cameras.

Be in the moment with the people who invited you to share and witness their exchange of vows with your eyes and heart, not a cell phone or a tablet.

Be fully present with them.

This sign will follow JBP to every wedding we will be photographing this year (with our couple’s permission of course).


Thank you to the back porch shoppe for helping us create this beautiful sign and to our wonderful couple Valerie and Steve whose words inspire us…We hope that 2016 and years following continue with this trend…unplugged ceremonies are a beautiful thing for (in our opinion) everyone involved.

c o n n e c t